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2012-PRESENT Lead Artist & Animator,Three Rats
Responsible for conceptualizing playable characters, creatures and animation, turnarounds, Mo-Cap acting.Three Rats is an indie game studio founded during the final year of my education at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland.


Experience in almost every aspect of game production.
Currently specializing in Concept Art, 2D Graphics and Game Design.


2D Concept art, Animation, Character design, Graphics.
3D Modeling.
BITMAP Texturing, Mockup artwork, 2D sprite art and animation.
CREATIVE Game Design, concept brainstorming and mock-up stills.
AUDIO Sound effect recording, editing & looping.
PROJECT Project collaboration and communication.
ACTING Voice acting, soprano song, alt song, amateur stage acting, amateur musical.


Extremely fast to pick up new languages and software.


LANGUAGES HTML, CSS, Actionscript, Java, Javascript, SQL.
SOFTWARE Audacity, GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, Musagi, TWINE, and Articy:Draft SE. Most Office-like packages, & much more
PLATFORM Windows & Android.


Educational background of Art, Design and Science.


2012-2013 4th year Game Production, Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Sweden.
2009-2012 Bachelor of Arts, Major in Game Design. Game Design and Graphics, Uppsala Universitet, Campus Gotland, Sweden.
2006-2008 Stockholm University Computer and System Science (Institutionen för Data- och Systemvetenskap) 54 hp.
2004-2006 Qualified Professional Education, Nackademin. 2D and 3D-graphics. Simultaneously studying Mathematics C & D and Physics A & B thus achieving High School competence equal to the Natural Science program.
2001-2004 Värmdö Gymnasium, Aesthetic program, Art and Form Average: 18,23 of 20.


Hobby archer and amateur actor.


2008 Winner of Concept Art Challenge at Swedish Game Awards 08. Swedens biggest and most prestigious Game developers contest with participants from all over Sweden. First price in Concept Art Challenge for best concept art with my contribution “Pinrut & Toor”. More than 60 participators.
2008 Club champion and “popinjay queen” in BK Fiskgjusen. 
2007 Longbow team 4th place in Division 1, Swedish archery.
2006 Longbow team winner in Division 2, Swedish archery.


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