Torchlight modding.

23 07 2014

I have suffered from Internet withdrawal. That is because most of my favourite games require uninterrupted Internet connection in order to function. Some blame the requirement on pirate protection, but I still find it absurd in a single player campaign (I’m looking at you, Diablo 3)! Because of that, I began looking for alternatives (or more likely, pure clones).

The games Torchlight and Torchlight 2 were released before the great Emperor Diablo 3, to compensate the eternal wait fans of the Diablo-series suffered. And it was an instant hit, both Torchlight and it’s sequel.

I am a massive lore nerd, so I refuse to play a sequel until I have finished the first. I also found out that Torchlight can be modded quite extensively. Like adding completely new classes. Maybe I should make a steampunk robot class. Clearly fantasy games need more robot characters. 😀

Plate mail bikini lol

Zealot from Torchlight

Apparently a group of fans fell in love with a female monster in the game that they extracted her game model and made her both as a playable character with 2 classes and her queen available as a pet (an insanely powerful one which is recommended on a hard difficulty). I present to you, the Zealot mods, made by the fans!

I guess Internet cant resist pretty cat girls in plate bikinis. Thankfully the Vindicator is less chain mail bikini but she still sports bare midriff in her gear. And also hats.

So if you play the first Torchlight , you can download the mods I use here.
[CLASS] Spiritist
[CLASS] Vindicator
[PET] Queen Hatshepsut

I discovered some bugs within some of these mods, mostly cosmetic, but fixable.

These fixes with the folder adresses apply to the PC retail version of Torchlight.
If you have steam version, well, your mods folder is probably somewhere else.

But the rest of the fixes apply.

<PC retail begins>

  1. Type %appdata% in the adress field
  2. Then go to \Roaming\Runic Games\Torchlight\Mods

There you have your mods folder.

</PC retail ends>

Spiritist Fix 1: The gear with missing pants

For the sake of dignity, I made a new texture file because one Spiritist armour had no panties.

  1. Go into \Mods\[CLASS]Spiritist v1.0\
  2. Then go to the subfolders \media\wardrobe\Spiritist\
  3. Find the Vanq_Gun_Chest.png file. Whenever my Spiritist wears it, she runs around like Donald Duck; bottomless.I have repaired it in Photoshop by plastering some quick pants on.
  4. Overwrite the file Vanq_Gun_Chest.png with this one.
    Right-click this image to save image as or save link as and replace it.
  5. Vanq_Gun_Chest


Spiritist Fix 2: The missing spell Icons

And there is a mispelling in the code that doesn’t display two of her skills, Spirit Heal and Spirit Identify. So let’s fix it.
Code is quite picky. It makes the difference between big letters and small letters.

  1. You are still inside \Mods\[CLASS]Spiritist v1.0\
  2. Go into the sub folder Skills\Spiritist\
  3. Find the spell folders Spirit Heal and Spirit Identity
  4. Open the spiritidentify.dat and spiritheal.dat in the notepad app.
    (Or open up in SciTE. See download link below)




Replace it with:






Replace it with:


See, just the big letters change. 😀


Spiritist Fix 3: The missing Vindicator Class

This is only a temporary fix to my problem, but it helps me at least pick the vindicator class and the yellow demon pet that follows with the mod.

The problem is that the Vindicator doesn’t show up on the character creation screen.

      1. Go into the \Mods\ folder (or if you are already there, stay put!)
      2. Find and open up mods.dat in notepad (or SciTE).
      3. Find the strings where the vindicator class and spiritist class are.
        Check the adress field. (In SciTE, press ctrl+F to enable word finder.)

My version looked partly like this.



The problem seem to start that the Spiritist class is loaded in the game before the Vindicator and thus doesn’t show up. So I change some numbers.



The ol’ switcheroo complete. I’m so clever! Now the Vindicator is loaded before the Spiritist. Problem solved, right?

Why yes, I can create a character with the class and choose my demon for all of them. Vindicator is looking nice!

But my existing Spiritists encounter a graphic bug; Hair gone, helmets glued to the face and shoulders on the back like a turtle shell, and no visible gear on.
Gah, she looks ugly! Broken even.

So groaning in defeat, I open up the mods.dat again and change back the priority list so the Spiritist loads before Vindicator.



The Spiritist is back to normal, I get to keep my Vindicator intact with her demon, and all the others get to keep their demons too.

But I have to repeat the steps If I want to create a new Vindicator. But fortunately it doesn’t hinder the glorious gameplay!

FIX 3 (maybe) DONE!

Tools used:

  • Photoshop CS5
  • SciTE

Today’s free software:


Category: Coding
This is what I basically replaced notepad with and
code my websites. It is a code editor that colours
each word (adapts after the code language type)
which makes it easy to navigate in blocks of text.




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