I write too much…

24 04 2014

.. and post so little. 

I have so many posts waiting in the draft section, and they are growing into articles. I’ve discovered that unlike Twitter and Facebook, this have no word limit, muahaha! That may be the after effects of recently leaving the academic world with their multiple drafts and different versions waiting for proofreading. And oh my, how the pages grew during those periods of paper-writing. I seem to be obsessed with thinking before speaking, even more so with the writtren word (thank you, edit button and ctrl+z).

Currently 10 posts are waiting in line. I’m writing, reducing content, planning for images and then add more content. What are these posts about? Why, games of course! My games! Before they were just ideas hidden in the head, but I intend to use this blog in order to kickstart the road to their realization and actual production. This is an excellent way to refer to actual documentation (original, do not steal). As soon as they have been written down (and added mockup screenshots) they no longer are my own thoughts, but real for other eyes to see! And writing ideas down is a great way to organize and change irregularities (that in the lucid mind made perfect sense).

You know how it is, voicing a strangely alluring thought out loud… it kinda loses it’s brilliance…

Man, I just wanted to know how babby was formed-

XKCD: Listen to Yourself




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