Getting increasingly annoyed…

24 04 2014

… over why most of the recruitment companies doesn’t have games or game development as a category.

I can look for job as a mime (real category) but not as a game artist. Are games still the invisible industry for these people? So when I add myself under IT/computers, I get job offers only as programmers. And the “culture” sections are inssuficent, listed either cartoonist, actor och prop maker, stuff that work with analouge tools and not with my digital stuff. I can’t find game art or game design work because of these incorrect categories.

I work on computers, designing software and GUI for them so I work in a high tech enviroment. My mistake (no matter how correct the info is) is that I listed my education that were about computers. That doesn’t make me a programmer. Still the automatic mailing list think these jobs are tailor made for me and keep sending me these “junior end developer”. Thanks to them , I have learned that “game developer” to them are “programmer”.

Programmer, programmer, programmer… an endlest chant that echoes in my mail box.

I’ll keep on looking for opportunities.

Today’s free software:


Category: Game Design
Make your own dialogue tree!
Useful for new game designers.




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