School Assignment: Why should we care?

7 10 2012

What is at stake?

To be able to work professionally with graphics and game design is something I really want to do.

This is something I am very skilled at, more skilled than regular people. Ordinary people may refer it as “talent”. Since I love the craft, I can perform well with little means and I will work hard.

I think my window of opportunity is to get involved into as many game projects as possible.
Be it hobby projects, game jam, freelance or budget works. Practice in the art grants experience needed, both working in new teams, networking and keep the creative juices flowing.

However I am not alone to have this dream. I share this irresistible aspiration with my class mates, art idols and also all my teachers.

Failure is not an option but maybe my success will not be instant. This does not mean the end of the world. I will be in an economic crisis for awhile I guess. I should use the time to improve and practice my skills, and try again.

Why should we care?

Firstly I want an employer to grasp and support my vision and it’s potential. This industry reward the right uniqueness almost beyond comprehension. So any company with any dreams of big success should be looking for employees with potential outside the main stream.

I am for better or for worse that person.

When it comes to potential team members they will hopefully recognize my skill and be motivated to work with me.

And such motivation will create a nice working climate and people will achieve as much as possible. This will be of mutual benefit for them and for me.

I find that boys are usually more direct and also more unsentimental than girls in giving feedback. I prefer people to be straight with me and I have a rhino hide, I do not flinch at insults or negative feedback. I soak it up like a sponge and use it to improve myself.

Since most of my future collaborators probably are men that is something that works in my favor.

What are the opportunities?

All graphic artists might excel in drawing as I think I can do to. I have also dabbled in programming which gives me an advantage in communicating with the other team members on the technical side. And I can adapt my work with consideration to another skill field.

There are a lot of men in this industry. As a woman I may have a slightly different perspective of life in general and of the world we live in than most gays. This can definitely be used as an advantage when something new/different is on demand.

I also have personally a way of thinking outside the box and an more extensive detail seeing than most of other peoples. This is a really strong and useful professional point for me but on the other hand this ability is coupled with face blindness. That is a personal drawback indeed for me when it comes to social skills. But then again, the face blindness is a great too when designing characters, which must have features that stands out from the masses.

There seems to be a massive focus on the market for school age up to the workable persons. The part of the market for very little kids (toddlers and up) or elderly people seem to be ignored.

Teaching/reaching them is of course difficult. But presenting things for them and communicating through art will make it easier for them to to be introduced to new useful products.

The widespread of the tablets with touch screen will give new type of consumer the ability to use computers. Since the most basic human communication is pointing and touching stuff (especially when no one can speak the language), the touch pad is a perfect tool.

This can be used as the most non complex tech of all. So any age group can use the technology.

They will need a GUI that really is a graphic only interface, that will be understood immediately. Toddlers notice colours and movements while elders (with bad eye sight) want it as visible and large as possible.

I can not estimate the market in dollars or euros, but I understand we have all been little kids and we will, hopefully, became very old.

So there are a lot of potential users, that’s for sure. And thus a lot of economical potential for the right product.

I am just now participating in a project making graphics for a touch pad game. This will give me interesting and useful practice.

Who can share this potential?

My visions based on my unique inkling of every day events and my extraordinary imagination will be the main benefit for my collaborators.

If a team works well the result of the group will exceed the sum of the individuals contribution.
The result is expected to gain from having been “washed” with ideas from different angels during its completion.

However if one takes in a lot of new members there is always the risk of an increased pressure to alter the original visions.

Every one who enter a new project runs always the risk of “betting on the wrong horse”.
They may end up in a dead-end street thus having wasted a lot of time.
So as in most cases time is the investment to make. And time is money, isn´t it?

On the other hand great success is expected!




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