School Assignment: Who do you want to work with?

6 10 2012

Carrot on a stick.I want to work in a team with a clear figure head, or perhaps under a mentor or something that can guide me in the organized process. It would also be fun to work with like-minded people who focuses more on the creative process (which can be a social action in itself, like a speaking-partner) than the social aspects.

My main motivators are recognition for my work, like seeing the finished product on the shelf. I also want a place for learning, because different people work in different ways. You can paint in more than one way.

I also want job security, because freelance work seems rather unstable, and you are expendable and might not get paid or get recognition if a project shuts down. Salary is something I will prioritize, because my computer related work might get expensive, when you have to keep the gear in shape or up to date in order to stay in the competition. And having a buffer for unforeseen events, like for veterinarian bills or broken equipment.

JugglingMy previous experience is working and/or hanging out with different types of people with special needs, such as the elderly or handicapped people. I also am interested in pet care. That can provide me with an insight in user friendliness or game AI, since humans and animals interact differently with each other.

MY interests also include archery, acting, singing and acrobatics and have a short background in Judo. These arts can be included to enhance the experience of the game and of special abilities performed by the characters in the game. And I can provide voice acting and have some music background. I have worked as a singer and even participated in a TV show.

I associate differently with things and thus see things in a new light. If I could, I would split up my head open and give away ideas. I am a direct person and an endless source of ideas and creative input. I can also analyze from an art perspective. When looking at a picture, I can sense the harmony between the subject and motivate my conclusions.

My honesty will be a great benefit, because the team can trust me that I will share my knowledge. My endurance helps me perform well even in monotone tasks and that also will benefit the whole project.

I would make sure everyone will not be afraid to voice their opinions, and do my best to create a climate where people dare to be straight, especially with me. I will also try my best to share my ideas and provide feedback and insights.




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