School Assigmnent: The second week.

14 04 2011

The second week was dedicated to learn the StarCraft 2 editor.

Since we were so few, I’ve decided that we all should share the burden and help each other with the art, coding and modelling.

We studied the StarCraft 2 units and buildings and see which units that could be modified to suit our needs.

I had difficulty with the editor and also was cramped with other tasks so I had to give up trying to learn it, in order to focus better.

I’ve came up with a temporary logo as a Concept Artist and briefed it to our Lead Artist for approval.

Inspired by the sanskrit language

Hero's Call Logo

I also started to put up a developer’s blog and work on a regular webcomic describing the funny things that happens to our group of silly personalities.




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15 06 2011
Recap of the project: Hero’s Call « CBX

[…] Be ready to study. Sometimes you get a task you don’t have the skill for, and you’re the only hope. So man up and find out how to do it, ask people, cheat, do anything. If that fails, check “Kill your darlings”. […]

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