The First Post

13 04 2011

Greetings world.

My name is Cecilia Bexander, but friends call me Bexy. You may call me Bexy too, friend!
I study Game Design and & Graphics, year 2, in the Gotland University. Games is where I live for, and my pet rats. I shoot archery and train acrobatics when I have time. I’ve focused to train juggling, handstand and swinging pois.

I go under the artist name CBX and under that identity is where I work my magic. My favourite motives are monsters and warrior women.

I am the producer for the Hero’s Call project. Since we’re only 3 persons involved many of us have to take on more roles. My other roles are as a Concept Artist, Lead Game Designer, Lead Animator, Lead 3D-modele and Marketing. My job is mostly being the face for the project, I also have to manage that the others are having tasks to do and solve conflicts.

Oh, and I’m also responsible for the webcomic: Echo Antics. Echo Antics follows the the silly things this group experience during game development.




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